What Foods are Great Aphrodisiacs?

An excellent way to spice up a love life is to find some aphrodisiacs. The cheapest and the most available form of an aphrodisiac is food. Some ingredients are excellent for setting up the mood, while others contain compounds that elevate mood-changing hormones like serotonin. They say that food and sex are the only two things that are on everyone minds constantly and thus enhancement of the sexual experience through with food isn’t anything strange.

Common food that work as aphrodisiacs

Chocolate is the best-known aphrodisiac in the world of food. It contains compounds that boost serotonin levels within the body and that sets the mood. A number of those compounds that our body absorbs isn’t high, but a bit of chocolate with a lot of cocoa can set a mood for a wild night. Another excellent thing about chocolate is that it can become a part of the foreplay.

Chili peppers, as well as any other spicy food,  work well as an aphrodisiac. The heat from a dish that contains spicy food will stimulate nerves and increase the blood flow and raise the temperature. This works for people that love spicy food while others avoid it. If you aren’t comfortable with food that has a bit of kick in it then don’t worry, dozens of other ingredients play the same part.

Oysters are perfect aphrodisiac food for several reasons. First of all, they are somewhat exotic, and if you take your other half to a fancy meal that contains this ingredient, it will set the mood. The other thing is that this product contains amino acids that cause the production of sex hormones. Include oysters in your date, and you will have a highly enjoyable evening.

Exotic ingredients that make the blood boil

Quite some “exotic” foods act like aphrodisiacs due to their strange taste as well as compounds they are packed with. Bananas are full of potassium boosts the muscle strength, and therefore it enhances the power of the orgasm. Pomegranate is packed with anti-oxidants, and it promotes blood flow which in turn increases the sensitivity of the genitals. This intensifies orgasms which make making love more satisfying.