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Our online store is packed with goods that will change your approach to the sex. If you take some time to browse, then you will find everything from classic dildos and vibrators to sex dolls that are quite advanced. Check the store as we have something for everyone, no matter your spending budget.

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Realistic dolls make up the majority of our sales. We sell everything from cheap dolls with unpleasent material to dolls that cost up to several thousand dollars.


Our store has a wide variety of dildos that you can browse through. We also attached reviews to the majority of them, so you can check whether they are any good.


If you have five or so thousands of dollars to spend, then you can order a doll through our shop and specify everything from looks to the materials.


Vibrators come in many shapes and sizes, and you can find all types of the same in our store.


We also sell unrealistic dolls that are specially created for those whose fetishes deviate from classics. This includes everything from furry to anime-like dolls.


BDSM gear is another thing that we can sell you. We offer everything from handcuffs to mouth gags and other hardcore BDSM gear.

What is your desire?

Share your passion with us, and there is a high probability that we will have something that will help in fulfilling it. There is a toy or a doll for everything as long as you are willing to share what you desire. If we don’t have something in stock, then we will order it, and you will get what you want within a week.

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Spice up your bedroom

Every bedroom should have some toys that will spice up the sex life. Handcuffs, a vibrating ring and a vibrator that doesn’t obstruct penetration are all essential things that every couple should have and use.